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Dornier Seastar Sales Agent for Greece and the mediterranean area

Dornier Seastar — Amphibious Aircraft Designed To Purpose 

The Seastar aircraft is engineered to operate from runway and water surfaces. It can perform airport to airport missions with its short field take-off and landing capabilities. At the same time, it is able to take-off and land on water, even under rough conditions. This unrivalled versatility and performance along with best-in-class cabin space, allows for entirely new missions. In the spirit of pioneering Dornier flying boats, the Seastar is superior in every important measure – speed, range, safety, cabin size and lower maintenance costs.

Integrated Seaplanes & Seaports Concept for Greece

Establish a network/infrastructure for connecting the Greek mainland with numerous Mediterranean Islands (in the Ionian and Aegean Sea) by several Seaplanes (based on the Dornier Seastar, the  "IDEAL/PERFECT" amphibian seaplane for Greece, the mediterranean area and beyond) and Seaports (floating terminals - see also www.waterairports.com).


•   Passenger Flights (private and business)
•   Sightseeing and Charter Flights
•   Cargo, Postal and Logistic Flights
•   Government Flights
•   Rescue and Ambulance Flights
•   Surveillance and Patrol Flights
•   Passenger services (catering, etc.) on Seaports

Future possible expansion:

•   International connections (Croatia, Italy, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel, Africa, …)

E-tourism, leisure and mobility

Similar to the multimedia telemedicine, telecare and telematics open Database Service Center already discussed, our concept for a tourism platform (incl. marketplaces and online shops for original/authentic Greek food & beverage products) implementation is described below. Over and above the ability to find offers from tour operators and travel agencies, the customer may submit their personal profile and interests along with any travel requests to our “single source” database. Registration for our service is free. Based on their personal profile inputs our system will propose various travel itineraries, hotels, local restaurants, activities, etc. and quickly provide our individual proposal from our continuously updated database including thing to do and see, prices and availability and more. Upon Customer acceptance immediate booking will be initiated.

Based on information provided in our customer's personal profile database and using specially developed Apps and plugins for all major platforms (Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone and more), as well as special add-on devices and/or extensions developed for smartphones, current Location Based Services (LBS) will be at their disposal. Personal points of interest (POI), such as museums, monuments, Exhibitions, events, culture, wellness, health, adventure, sports, culinary, history, etc. will be recommended. In addition, location and navigation instructions (using GNSS, EGNOS, etc.) and other special GMES services and Satellite-Communication in remote locations are also provided. Where mobile band-width permits, there is the possibility for indoor navigation (e.g. at museum, hotels, etc.) and access to more content and context information services.  Alternatively, when available, this information can by downloaded locally via WLAN. 

Additional information such as "Where you have been" is available after their journey including maps of routes takes and other trip highlights.  Tailored to the client's chosen itinerary and choice of social media, Facebook, blog, wiki, etc., an exciting holiday narrative can be guaranteed.

Besides general and always current information, prices at special rates (lunch, entrance fee, hotel discount), current Displaying offers and availability from our qualified Partners. A booking or reservation can be made and charged directly through our tourism platform Loyalty, cash back and attractive points programs round off these spectrum of services.

Complementary to the "e-tourism, leisure and mobility" concept, other applications from the fields of telemedicine, eHealth, telecare and remote tracking (as already described previously), offers new and revolutionary Services in the "e tourism, leisure and mobility" market and other markets (e.g. High risk tourists to locate and contact emergency services). People whose travel are currently restricted due to heath reasons will now have more freedom of movement. Access to health services while traveling is more accessible through telemedicine provided either remotely or locally.  If required, a qualified and competent physician can be made available. Clearly, this is the unique feature of our business concept. (and its partners' concept to evaluate.)

Greek food and products

Our vision is to introduce high quality Greek food & beverage products no widely known outside Greece and Europe but not limited to at the top of global market by establishing a new brand/label and revitalizing old existing brands that have fallen behind in the market using the tourism platform mentioned before as a springboard. We envision serving business and private clients around the globe with best quality of Greek brands.

Kontakt Touristic:

Carmen Chatziandronis
Managing Director

Reiseverkehrskauffrau / Travel Agent

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