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Dornier Seastar Sales Agent for Greece and the mediterranean area

Dornier Seastar — Amphibious Aircraft Designed To Purpose 

The Seastar aircraft is engineered to operate from runway and water surfaces. It can perform airport to airport missions with its short field take-off and landing capabilities. At the same time, it is able to take-off and land on water, even under rough conditions. This unrivalled versatility and performance along with best-in-class cabin space, allows for entirely new missions. In the spirit of pioneering Dornier flying boats, the Seastar is superior in every important measure – speed, range, safety, cabin size and lower maintenance costs.

Integrated Seaplanes & Seaports Concept for Greece

Establish a network/infrastructure for connecting the Greek mainland with numerous Mediterranean Islands (in the Ionian and Aegean Sea) by several Seaplanes (based on the Dornier Seastar, the  "IDEAL/PERFECT" amphibian seaplane for Greece, the mediterranean area and beyond) and Seaports (floating terminals - see also www.waterairports.com).


•   Passenger Flights (private and business)
•   Sightseeing and Charter Flights
•   Cargo, Postal and Logistic Flights
•   Government Flights
•   Rescue and Ambulance Flights
•   Surveillance and Patrol Flights
•   Passenger services (catering, etc.) on Seaports

Future possible expansion:

•   International connections (Croatia, Italy, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel, Africa, …)

Tourism, Telemedicine and Telematics Platform

Startup in the field of development and operation of a Tourism, Telemedicine and Telematics Platform (incl. databases and customized frontends, mobile apps and devices, standard and specific API’s (Application Programming Interfaces)) with integrated mobile GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) and “State of the Art” communication (incl. satellite communication) with focus on “Telemedicine & eHealth”, “Telematics & Teletracking” and “e-­tourism, leisure and mobility”.

We are developing and have our focus to establish a worldwide open Database Service Center which will deliver/provide actual GNSS & GMES data in combination with data from various terrestrial sources (Cartography, Geological Survey Offices, Building Authorities, Municipalities and Cities, Geodesy, etc.) for a wide range of telemedicine, telecare, telematics and tourism service applications.

Additionally, appropriate add-on devices using intelligent, unique and dedicated innovative technology and hardware (circuit board with integrated chipsets for GNSS, GMES, Communication (GSM, UMTS, WLAN, LTE, Bluetooth, SatCom) and applicable sensors and antennas) will be developed for communication between the Database Service Center and mobile devices or smartphone. Furthermore intelligent, unique and dedicated algorithms will be developed which intergrade and take into account simultaneously all available GNSS signals and services (especially the future Galileo OS, CS, SAR, SoL and PRS (EU), GPS (USA), Glonass (Russia) and Compass (China)), GMES, EGNOS, DGPS, terrestrial signals and Communication services and calculates all available data for more exact positioning and navigation. These add-on devises can be developed for a wide range of mobile medical devices, smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows phone, …) and different mobile telematics devices according the end user category telemedicine, telecare, telematics and tourism. Where needed, integrated sensors for collecting and receiving of all required terrestrial environmental data (air temperature, pressure, humidity, noise level, etc.) can also be integrated.

Additionally appropriate Apps, monitoring software and analysis tools for a wide range of mobile devices and computers will be developed and offered according the end user category telemedicine, telecare, telematics and tourism.

Our mission is to provide a wide range of services on ground, at sea and in flight for the following user groups:• Airlines and Commercial Business Aviation • Travel Companies and Tour Operators (ships, trekking, buses, expeditions, trains, etc.) • Tourism customers and providers (Travel agents, hotels, airlines, car rentals, boat rentals, charter, cruise ships, etc, etc.) • Government and Private Health Insurance Agencies • Rescue Organizations • Hospitals, Large and small medical practices • Individuals • Fitness Studios, wellness centers • Home Care Services, AAL – Ambient Assisted Living • Professional/Amateur Sport Athletes and Athletic Training Organizations • Military, Police, Fire Departments • All Sea going vessels including Oil Platforms • Manufacturers of telemedical devices • Small Local Telemedicine & Telematics Control Center Operators (cooperation) • Providers of (mobile) applications and  (mobile and stationary) devices (cooperation)NOTE:  Future aerospace related applications could include telemedical and telematics services especially for Astronauts, Pilots, etc.


Independent multimedia telemedicine, telecare and telematics open Database Service Center collect and transmit patient data in real time through our own developed add-on devices with special integrated chipsets and APPs, stores and analyzes the data and can, in the event of a emergency situation, trigger specific actions when needed without active intervention of our monitoring personnel. Remote monitoring and diagnosis shall be employed for patients “at risk”, such as individuals with high Heart attack or stroke risk and victims of disasters.  According to the German Federal Statistical Office, approximately 300,000 people suffer a heart attack each year and more than a quarter of them die as a result.  Many of these deaths could have been prevented with more timely treatment or warning. The same tools can be employed to provide remote telemedical support for doctors on-site when treating dozens or hundreds of patients affected by accidents, man-made and/or natural catastrophes. In addition, this technology allows the detection and accurate location tracking of lost vulnerable persons i.e. children, dementia sufferers, etc. 

Performance and Conditioning Optimization for Athletes

In parallel, the spectrum of training and performance monitoring for Recreational and Professional athletes can be extended by the monitoring of vital functions and health data to optimize their performance. Particular mention should be made here of the possibilities for using GNSS (incl. Galileo) location and further GMES services data to document training sessions, routes run, etc., with all relevant vital signs recorded and available for numerous analyzes including the possibilities for measurement of mood, fatigue, stress, and much more. A wide variety of other parameters can also be measured. The integration of the various own, as well as third-party, Apps, devices and smartphones plays a significant role here with the corresponding add-on decices and integration of WT (Wearable Technologies). The above mentioned performance and condition monitoring can be used in the workplace, during free time, at home, etc., for a wide variety of applications.

AAL – Ambient Assisted Living and Wellness

Between the two aforementioned markets, where the first is "Primary Health Care" and the latter, "Second or secondary health care", we are positioning AAL (Ambient Assisted Living).  AAL and the area of Wellness play important role in our business perspective to unify the existing independent platform and form an important intermediate market that we call "Ambient and Wellness Telemedicine".

Kontakt Aerospace, Seaplanes & Seaports and Telemedicine & Telematics:

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